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Set loose upon humanity, we never stood a chance.
Out in the streets the bodies are piling high.
Pestilence wreaks its havoc on mankind
The rampaging infection now reigns supreme.
Unleash destruction's fury upon us,
So this Earth may start, may start anew
Genocide of this society, extinguish all life.
Fragile existence exposed, we can only grovel
As we now face our long coming annihilation
Unrelenting outbreak, destined only to destroy
Civilization crumbles before our eyes.
Pandemic obliteration of our lives
The Horseman charges forth,
No defense in his way.
Marching forward unopposed
Our lines have long since broke
Trampling the weak and strong alike
Nothing can stop him now.
Facing our strongest enemy
That will bring about our end.
The true infallible lord.
No hope for
Survival in sight,
No cure to be discovered
Humankind soon wiped off the face of the earth.
A mere footnote in our planet's history
Terror stricken society
That can only watch its downfall.
Spiraling directly towards our eradication.
Our glorified existence comes crashing to an end.
Herd immunity pales in comparison to this.
The virus swathes through like a scythe through wheat
Hopelessness abound,
Demise our only outcome
We shall all perish
Corpses now line the streets, there is no escape.
Killcount rises astronomically, never ceasing.
Unintended mistake, set loose upon this world
Unopposable trait, ensured mortality
Uncontainable rate, spreading too rapidly
Uncontrollable fate, deliver us to our extinction


from Path To Extinction [EP], released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Path To Extinction Calgary, Alberta

Death metal from Calgary, Canada

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