Path To Extinction [EP]

by Path To Extinction

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Luke Kegley
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Luke Kegley Totally found this EP on accident and am really glad that I found this gem! This band reminds me so much of The Berzerker with the vocal delivery as well as a brutal death metal styled instrumental like Origin and Skinless. Again, really love this EP and am hoping to hear more from this band in the future, really dig it! \m/ Favorite track: Indoctrination of Filth.
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released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Path To Extinction Calgary, Alberta

Death metal from Calgary, Canada

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Track Name: Decorated Demons
Of the ancient lands.
Fueled through lies of revenge
Empty vengeance-product of an empty mind
You must stop thinking and just start killing.
Mindless slaughter fueled by empty rage.
Let the massacre begin resistence is now weak.
March across the land raping and pillaging.
Backed up by artillery the mortars now ablaze.
Nothing will stop this barbaric onslaught
Robbing the cradle of civilization
As the world watches idly.
The history of humanity is being reduced to rubble
Under the world's ignoring eye.
Artifacts of civilization becoming trophies
To a slaughterfest
Decorated demons, armed to the teeth, and thirsting for blood.
The lives of civilians negligable, collateral damage not an issue.
Just another notch
marked in a soldiers gun.
Bloodshed is the only answer
in a conquest for monopoly.
Sent to war over a lie, viciously obedient
Taking with both hands, desecration complete.
Medals across your chest signify your butchery
Adornment for your bloodlust on display for all who can to see.
Your hands are soaking with the blood of the innocent
May your life become haunted by the voices of those that you killed.
Rampaging across hallowed ground as if it were nothing.
Disgracing the birthplace of humanity
Pissing in it's ashes.
Turning countries into inescapable hell
Making enemies for generations
And what of the warchild hiding in the shadow?
What will he make of these decorated demons?
Track Name: The Horseman
Set loose upon humanity, we never stood a chance.
Out in the streets the bodies are piling high.
Pestilence wreaks its havoc on mankind
The rampaging infection now reigns supreme.
Unleash destruction's fury upon us,
So this Earth may start, may start anew
Genocide of this society, extinguish all life.
Fragile existence exposed, we can only grovel
As we now face our long coming annihilation
Unrelenting outbreak, destined only to destroy
Civilization crumbles before our eyes.
Pandemic obliteration of our lives
The Horseman charges forth,
No defense in his way.
Marching forward unopposed
Our lines have long since broke
Trampling the weak and strong alike
Nothing can stop him now.
Facing our strongest enemy
That will bring about our end.
The true infallible lord.
No hope for
Survival in sight,
No cure to be discovered
Humankind soon wiped off the face of the earth.
A mere footnote in our planet's history
Terror stricken society
That can only watch its downfall.
Spiraling directly towards our eradication.
Our glorified existence comes crashing to an end.
Herd immunity pales in comparison to this.
The virus swathes through like a scythe through wheat
Hopelessness abound,
Demise our only outcome
We shall all perish
Corpses now line the streets, there is no escape.
Killcount rises astronomically, never ceasing.
Unintended mistake, set loose upon this world
Unopposable trait, ensured mortality
Uncontainable rate, spreading too rapidly
Uncontrollable fate, deliver us to our extinction
Track Name: Indoctrination of Filth
Herding lambs to the slaughter, preaching phoney dogma.
Controlling people through their fear, your righteousness a lie.
Shackles of religious slavery across their wrists.
Indebted to false saviours, forked tongues spew promises.
Brainwash the herd with the opiate of masses.
The rot in religion runs straight to the core.
Exploitation of the populace, control the public
No end to atrocities, committed in the name.
Indoctrination of filth
Corruption of the highest order
Marching forward like sheep to the shepherd
Like lemmings to our own undoing
Force fed their lies,
Brainwashed with blind faith.
Lies fall from the sky, delivered by false prophets.
The agents of the holy shall forsake humanity.
Redemption offered out, through mass slavery
The blind lead the blind into total extinction.
The day of reckoning is upon you.
Your corruption bestows the highest punishment.
Divine delusions, have the highest price to pay.
As legions rise up to end this tyranny.
Bankrupted morality.
Denying impulse and humanity
Forget your faith, dismiss the fake.
Release the infidel within.
Deceiving and controlling, your dogma is a falsehood
Persuasion and perversion. Conviction born of fables
Feast now upon their deceitful doctrine
Bent to the will of your overlords.
For men are not the dreams of gods,
It is gods who are the dreams of men.
Run in terror as the godless revelation spreads.
Indoctrination of filth
Corruption of the highest order
Marching forward like sheep to the shepherd
Like lemmings to our own undoing
Force fed their lies.
Brainwashed with blind faith.
Broken lies your body,
Your lies have been exposed.
To the victor go these spoils of war,
To the victor go these spoils of war.
Men shall not be free until the last king
Is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.
Men shall not be free until the last king,
Is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.
An unbridled sense of justice.and revenge
Turning their hallowed ground into a killing floor.
Track Name: Unholy Retribution
As a sworn enemy of God, reduce the pearly gates to ash.
Unleashing the inferno on his paradise.
For believers I bring to you, this is your salvation.
Battlescarred I wish for you, nothing short of damnation
The onslaught shall not stop until the heavens burn.
Crimson reprisal shall rain down from the sky.
The kingdom of heaven
Falls fast before the scourge
Paradise: the flames burn bright.
Our vengeance fuels the fight
And you will witness, the death of God
As I spill the blood of his bastard son.
All resistence has been crushed
The realm is being conquered
The reign of terror will end here.
We must now take a stand.
For mankind's enslavement
Is mankind's end.
This runs deeper than mere hate.
This malice unbridled.
The chains are broken
Embracing your demise
The pantheon is on their knees.
It must pay for their tyrrany
They beg for mercy
We shall show them none
All guilt will not be absolved.
All sympathy shall be denied.
Watch now the seraph fall.
Conquer the Empyrean
See now the fires burning bright
This day we shall win the fight
Watch as their ranks now break.
Destroy all opposition.
Heaven shall not see another dawn
Heaven shall not see another dawn.
The angels are now braced for war, the lines are being drawn.
Existence of this heretic, I will suffer it not longer.
Unholy, unholy
Unholy retribution, show no mercy, take no prisoners
Unholy retribution, show no mercy, take no prisoners.
Unholy retribution, show no mercy, take no prisoners.
Unholy retribution, show no mercy, take no prisoners.
Track Name: Tyrannic Reign
Unseen ruler from the skies above
Passing down his doctrine to the masses
Divine mandate, set opposing instinct
Puppeteering humanity from afar
The despot issues his decree, strangling the life from his subjects
Corrupted to his very core, ruling with a choking grip
Defiance met with death, inhumane with no regard for life
Kill any who oppose, unrest brings about your violent end
Tyrannic Reign over our lives, all freedoms stripped away
The absolute rule of our existence
Sovereignty become complete revolution not an option
Ruling the masses with an iron fist
This reign of terror envelopes our lives
Nowhere to escape the treachery
Revolution only ends in bloodshed
With a slaughter of the innocents
Slaughter of the innocents
Stalin, Hitler, Tiananmen square
Khmer Rouge knocking at your door
Eradicate the innocent, bodies lifeless on the floor
All gods are moguls of oppression, dictating life to you
Through threats of eternal torture, manipulated through and through.
Tyrannic reign over our lives, all freedoms stripped away
The absolute rule of our existence
Sovereignty complete, revolution not an option
Ruling the masses with an iron fist.
Autaric overlord, hungry for power
Heartless tyrant ruling through fear
Cruel and merciless, corruption enthroned
Incarnation of malevolence
Incarnation of malevolence
Instituting mass re-education to the public
Brutality commonplace, martial law no imposed
Massacre the only answer to your protest
Killing to breed supremacy
Killing to breed supremacy
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Wars are the schemes of the absolutist
In order for his people to require a leader
As long as people don't exercise freedom tyranny lives
For tyrants are alive and well to place their shackles on sleeping men